The Perfect Nanny: Right choice rules and profession success secrets

«The Perfect Nanny: right choice rules and profession success secrets»

«The Perfect Nanny: right choice rules and profession success secrets» by Nastasia Rose is a revolutionary book. This is neither exaggeration, nor advertising bluff. Such essays tend to contain practical advices collection with philosophical topic discussions and lyrical digressions.

Besides «The Perfect Nanny» provides advice and reasoning, but its frankness and provocation resulted in the publishing house’ appeal to the author to soften individual wording and even remove certain paragraphs. But Nastasia Rose refused to. So, «The Perfect Nanny» turned to be really daring. It was written without regard to artificial inter-social norms.

That’s the main idea! Finally, someone should dare to call things by their proper names and remove decorative camouflage from pits and traps, into which both nannies and their employer fall over again.

But all the things (one more important «Perfect Nanny» benefit) are masterly smoothed out by intonation and humor. Whether you are a nanny, a mom or just an inquisitive reader, anyway you will have to constantly interrupt to call your friend and quote sniper precise observations or witty remarks. We will provide some quotations as well: «… Don’t waste your and others’ time on oath assurances, if you were refused because of your inadequacy to a particular family’s needs: «I run very fast despite the fact I am pensioner!», «I am a fast learner despite I don’t have education today», «I give birth very quickly despite I am childless now», «I will grow old very quickly despite now I am young», «I will change my sex despite today I am a woman», etc.»

«…Vika, a character from «My Fair Nanny series», a deft girl, having got a South Russian South Russian pronunciation, engaged in children education for months, is deemed a standard nanny on TV. But just scriptwriters and young provincial women, dreaming to conquer the capital and a single businessman, having got several children (or not a single one), may keep her as a standard»… «Announcement «A graduate of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography is looking for a nanny or housekeeper job in film director’s or producer’s family … Hidden cameras are required!» «…It’s time to find another nanny, if you had a dream, in which you woke up with a smile and have a great mood, despite your nanny had disappeared from your house»


The Perfect Housekepper: right choice rules and profession success secrets

«The Perfect Housekepper: right choice rules and profession success secrets»

Please come to the mirror. Whom do you see in it? Whether you see housekeeper, employer, business woman, office manager, fitness club owner, multiple children mother, wife or housewife? No! You see a woman there, first of all. Therefore, you need «The Perfect Nanny» book. Why? Because it contains real treasure trove of secrets to make a house (no matter with your own or someone else’s) the place, where both family and guests wish to return. It’s better to be aware of such secrets even if being a Queen of England

All the queens have always been taught little feminine tricks, including from embroidery to cooking in an adult way. That forced them to achieve professional skills. This is confirmed by the old newspapers, containing such notes like this: «Kaiser Wilhelm suddenly noticed that her eleven-year-old daughter was not interested in housework at all, that’s why he assigned a palace chef to teach her in the culinary art» (News of the Day 1911).

You may find this information in google by entering, for example, «charlotte dessert» story. The Internet will tell you that the famous apple pie is named after its author – Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of King George III. She composed a recipe and baked a pie just like the palace chefs. Alex (Alexandra Feodorovna, future Empress) presented her hand-made embroidered pouch to her groom Niki (the future Emperor Nicholas II).

Nastasia Rose’s book «The Perfect housekeeper» contains both unique recipes, which can’t be found on culinary websites, and original tips to care of VIP wardrobe to keep and maintain order. Besides it contains lots of other small things, which are extremely important to maintain appropriate climate at home.

Various tests will be a bonus. Do you like being tested? Theoretically the current tests are intended to assess and self-assess the hired au pair’s professional aptitude. Once gone through them, each reader learns some new and useful facts about herself, which may greatly complicate relationships with loved ones and relatives.