Whether you are a fool? Whether you are mocking and curious? Instagram and gloss are not the only you are interested in? So, Nastasia Rose's book is written for you regardless of whether you are looking for a perfect nanny or a director, either for yourself or in general, whether you have children or not. The reason is each topic she writes about will force you to think and laugh, inhale and exhale.

She is really smart, boring interlocutor person, whom you will want to cooperate with and whom you will try to find information on the Internet about. But you will find nothing since Nastasia Rose is a woman of mystery. However, you may learn some facts about herm namely that she is a certified sociologist, HR manager, writer and mother of three children. Besides Nastasia is brave and fearless, she is not afraid of discussing painful and forbidden issues, call a spade a spade. She speaks frankly about all people silent about. This is really delightful, although a bit strange.